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{140901} Music Access Photo Gallery Update 

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Since I have some free time, I’m doing a quick Q&A translation of the video, not beta-ed.


Announcer: NU’EST, who came to Taiwan for the first time in July last year for a fan meeting, created a lasting memory with the fans. This July, they made a comeback with a full-length album Re:BIRTH. Title track Good Bye Bye, showcased member’s maturity from style to music and choreography, fitting the title of the album Re:BIRTH, showing a matured and rebirthed image of NU’EST. I Love Idol team head to Korea and interviewed NU’EST. The handsome and cool members have so much to say to Taiwanese fans!



MC: Do you miss Taiwan?
Minhyun: miss it a lot
Baekho: we went to Taiwan before, but not as five, and this has been on our hearts for a while. So we hope to visit Taiwan again as five together with Aron after releasing the album.

MC: Do you still remember the Mandarin phrases you’ve learnt the last time you were here?
Baekho: (in chi) I miss you. I believe you. I’m a Mandarin-genius.
MC: (laughs) How did you get so good? You learnt in secret?
Baekho: (in chi) I’m learning mandarin recently.
TEXT: Really good!!!
MC: The next time they come they might be able to converse with fans in Mandarin.

MC: Please introduce your new album.
JR: First of all, our new album is titled ‘Re:BIRTH’, which means re-living again, so us NU’EST also had a rebirth with this album. We want to show everyone the look of us growing up as men, that’s why we name the album ‘Re:BIRTH’ and showed the changes in our appearances.

MC: In the MV I saw that Ren had special training, showing off his good figure. Did it come from harsh training?
Ren: Firstly, almost always, after practice I’d go to the gym and continue to work out, especially on abs training.

MC: So in NU’EST, who’s got the best figure? (asking members to point: Baekho 4, Minhyun 1)
Baekho: I always thought that my figure’s great. Plus I lost weight, so I think I got the best figure. Of course I got the most votes
Minhyun: I’m curious, why did Aron pic me.
Aron: That, because, it’s not because he’s cool or anything like that, it’s because he’s really healthy.
Members: Ah…
Aron: He won’t get sick, that’s why I pick him
MC: So the person voted with the best figure, is it alright to show it?
Baekho: (rejects) Oh…no.

MC: How about Ren, since he already showed some of it in the MV?
Ren: The next time when I go to Taiwan, for a showcase or concert, I’d show it then.
Baekho: That time, because of the music video shooting, Ren did lots of exercise. Now the abs are already gone.
TEXT: (arrow on ren) One-day limited abs.
Baekho: Will work harder in exercise before heading to Taiwan.

MC: The MV is very artistic, abstract, is it very difficult to film the MV?
Baekho: We only had two days to practice the choreography before filming the MV,
so the choreo is most difficult for me. It’s also quite difficult for JR too?
JR: For me, what’s difficult is the part where I had to ‘eat’ the fish. It’s a little scary, and i have to film it on the spot, but after filming that scene I had the courage to carry on.

MC: So who had the most NG during the shoot?
Minhyun: Besides our title track MV, when we were filming our teaser video, I think I had the most NG.
Aron: That’s right

MC: Is it possible to sing a short bit for us?
Minhyun: (sings the chorus)

MC: The dance is also very special, can we see a short bit here as well?
(JR dances while Minhyun sings)

MC: Hope you guys can come back to Taiwan soon, any last words to Taiwan fans?
Minhyun: The next time we go we’ll definitely go as five, and put on an awesome cool performance for the Taiwan fans. Hope to see you guys soon.
Aron: The last time because I fell sick, I didn’t manage to go for the first showcase, the next time I would definitely join them. I want to meet the Taiwanese fans soon, please wait for us!
JR: When we went to Taiwan, we’re really surprised by the passion of Taiwan fans, if Aron can join in the Taiwanese fans would e really happy. I hope he can feel the passion of the fans as well. Please wait for us a little while more.
Baekho: Yes! Oh…(laughs)
TEXT: This two childish people
Baekho: Sorry, I’m sorry. I too, want to head to Taiwan soon, go…whaa this is too much
TEXT: (arrow on JR) Blowing air XD
Baekho: (chi) Bubble Milk Tea? (kor) I want to drink it again. And to show fans how much NU’EST has grown. Hope there’s a chance to go to Taiwan soon.
Ren: We haven’t met the Taiwan fans in a long while, hope to meet with you guys soon. And because we’ve all grown a lot, we’ve changed a lot too, so when you see us again don’t be too shocked. I hope you’d get used to it and accept our new looks.
MC: Actually we’ve all felt the changes in Taiwan, and we’re really happy to see how much you’ve grown.
All: Thank you
MC: So if you’ve got free schedules, hurry and arrange a schedule to meet Taiwan fans!
JR: If you call for us, we’d head right over!
MC: Let’s all shout for them then! Ok, thank you NU’EST!
All: Thank you!


Trans: Maddxchangjo
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